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How do I register my school with Adin Academy? Welcome to the brand that schools around the globe trust for their admission process and professional development of teachers and students. In order to create a school account, you must register your school with us. Here you need to fill up all the required information and create your account with Adin Academy.Click the login button: Once you click on the upper left-hand button it will redirect you to a page which will ask you for the name of your school.Enter school’s name: Enter your school’s name. Click the GO button, would be three options provided, Staffs login page, Parents login page and School’s admission page. Click your preference page and continue to create your account thereCreate account: Consider a few important instructions while filling up the last part of the registration form. Claim your site* Every Adin Academy School has its own web address on our system where students, staff and parents can login from. For example, address for Waterford International Schoolwould be This address must be unique on our system, must be a combination of alpha-num characters. Once we have provisioned this address to you, it cannot be changed. Once your registration is completed, check your email where we have sent you the confirmation email. Confirm your email id by clicking on the button provided within email, set a new password for yourself and click on the submit button. Now you will be redirected to the login page with your email id already present in the box. Enter the password you recently created and get going with Adin Academy.


Staff: You can keep a record of all the staff members by filling in the details about them. Simply click on add new staff member and fill in the details and save the data. In case you need to make some changes in the information click on the staff-name on the main page. A tab will open where you will find an edit button which will lead you to the page where you can make the required changes. Besides, there is an Action button from where one can upload an image or reset the password. The admin has the authority to reset the staff members password along with promoting or demoting them from their present post.  

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