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Register Your School

How do I register my school with Adin Academy? Welcome to the brand that schools around the globe trust for their admission process and professional development of teachers and students. In order to create a school account, you must register your school with us. Here you need to fill up all the required information and create your account with Adin Academy.Click the login button: Once you click on the upper left-hand button it will redirect you to a page which will ask you for the name of your school.Enter school’s name: Enter your school’s name. Click the GO button, would be three options provided, Staffs login page, Parents login page and School’s admission page. Click your preference page and continue to create your account thereCreate account: Consider a few important instructions while filling up the last part of the registration form. Claim your site* Every Adin Academy School has its own web address on our system where students, staff and parents can login from. For example, address for Waterford International Schoolwould be This address must be unique on our system, must be a combination of alpha-num characters. Once we have provisioned this address to you, it cannot be changed. Once your registration is completed, check your email where we have sent you the confirmation email. Confirm your email id by clicking on the button provided within email, set a new password for yourself and click on the submit button. Now you will be redirected to the login page with your email id already present in the box. Enter the password you recently created and get going with Adin Academy.

School Setup

Name and Address: Editing the details about the school setup is possible from here. Simply need to press the edit button, a pop-up window will open where you can make the required changes and update the same by pressing the save button. Upon saving you will get a confirmation message that your changes have been updated successfully.   SchoolLogo/Banner: You can upload an image of your school logo and easily make changes whenever you wish. Alternatively, you can drop the image file on the area below and if it would be within the dimensions specified it would get uploaded to the server automatically. Simultaneously, you can upload the school banner according to the dimensions given. All this will reflect on your Landing page.     Boards: Here you need to choose the boards the school offers. There are five main International Boards listed along with 32 Regional Boards offered throughout India. Upon selection a message will appear on the right hand corner that your board is selected. For, deselecting a particular board, click again on that board and the same would be updated.     Grade & Labels: Grades: From here you can enable or disable any grade. In case there is nothing currently offered for a particular grade (in terms of admission or attendance or anything) it can be disabled. Labels: We understand every school is different, and so we have given the option for naming your grade according to different boards. For example, some schools may term class 2 as grade 2 or year 2 or PYP 2. You can optionally give a brief description about the grade. Once the selections are made press the save button in the upper right hand corner to save the changes.     Classes: Demarcation of classes according to their sections can be done from here. Once the admissions are confirmed you can allocate the sections to the child. You can add details regarding the section if you wish to. Example Aection Aand C are English Medium and Section B and D are gujarati/Hindi Medium.     Academic Years: This shows a record of the academic years of the school. All the details can be retrieved if you enter the academic year.   Login Settings: We understand that it's a task to remember email id’s and their passwords. So in order to overcome that dilemma we have given the option of signing in using social providers like google, yahoo, Facebook, twitter etc. (other options given on the page)      

Admission Setup

Categories: On this page you can add the categories for admissions like staff admission, sibling admission, scholarship, trustee quota or any other categories. In case you need to make any changes to the categories defined, it can be done through the edit button, and once it’s done, don’t forget to save it.   Admission: Admission Acceptance Page: Click on the 'add a new process'. Customized admission procedure can be activated from here. Add the details asked for, that includes admission start and end dates, academic year etc. Then switch on the buttons for the grades that are open for the admission and even enter the number of vacancy in that particular grade (capacity). End the procedure by saving the information added. Once done, you will be redirected to the main page.   Campuses: You can have configuration for all the campuses from here. Simply click the button “Add new” and fill up all the required fields. Save all the information and it will be added to your database. Options like show map, information about school offering school tours or not are easily accessible from here. Moreover, there is an option if you want to display or omit a particular campus on your landing page. There is no limit for the number of campuses you can add.   Fees: The entire fees procedure can be taken care of from here. All you need to so it is click on the “add fees setup” and get going. There are demarcations for the types of fees. There is a + button which means the school can add any other type of fees like the imprest fees, canteen fees, school trip fees can be added which will reflect in the total fees of the student. Revise the fees annually or as an when the school requires it.   More Settings: In this section you can add step by step procedure for admission in your school as well as add frequently asked questions. This can even reflect on the landing page of your school admission page.   Inquiry Source: The source through which the inquiry has been generated can be feeded here, which will generate analytics for future use. This will in the long term help the school to take a decision as where to spend money for lead generation. The admission team can add new source as well. Landing Page:This is a control page for your landing page. Switch on for the options you want everyone to see on the landing page. You can at any point of time change the settings too. Moreover the colors can also be changed or personalized according to individual school.

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