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Pinboard: Pinboard is a visually appealing and an effective to-do list chart. It offers you options to add tasks, edit them, show if they are pending or completed.

Form Designer

Form Designer: Forms can be created to gather data. There are two types of forms available for now. The assessment form and the Data collection Form. The assessment form is meant for assessing students prior to their admissions whereas the Data collection form can be used to collect data from the parents. The forms offer choice for types of questions like text, multiple choice,etc. You can create a form spread over number of pages.  These forms can be assessed from the convenience of your mobile-phone. There is an eye icon on extreme right, which gives you the preview of your form created.


Checklist: This tool will help you eliminate the chances of forgetting any important procedure for the admission, from filling the enquiry forms to submission of documents to attending the open day or interview calls from school.

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