Admission Setup

Categories: On this page you can add the categories for admissions like staff admission, sibling admission, scholarship, trustee quota or any other categories.

In case you need to make any changes to the categories defined, it can be done through the edit button, and once it’s done, don’t forget to save it.



Admission Acceptance Page: Click on the 'add a new process'. Customized admission procedure can be activated from here.

Add the details asked for, that includes admission start and end dates, academic year etc. Then switch on the buttons for the grades that are open for the admission and even enter the number of vacancy in that particular grade (capacity). End the procedure by saving the information added. Once done, you will be redirected to the main page.


Campuses: You can have configuration for all the campuses from here. Simply click the button “Add new” and fill up all the required fields. Save all the information and it will be added to your database.

Options like show map, information about school offering school tours or not are easily accessible from here. Moreover, there is an option if you want to display or omit a particular campus on your landing page. There is no limit for the number of campuses you can add.


Fees: The entire fees procedure can be taken care of from here. All you need to so it is click on the “add fees setup” and get going. There are demarcations for the types of fees. There is a + button which means the school can add any other type of fees like the imprest fees, canteen fees, school trip fees can be added which will reflect in the total fees of the student. Revise the fees annually or as an when the school requires it.


More Settings: In this section you can add step by step procedure for admission in your school as well as add frequently asked questions. This can even reflect on the landing page of your school admission page.


Inquiry Source: The source through which the inquiry has been generated can be feeded here, which will generate analytics for future use. This will in the long term help the school to take a decision as where to spend money for lead generation. The admission team can add new source as well.

Landing Page: This is a control page for your landing page. Switch on for the options you want everyone to see on the landing page. You can at any point of time change the settings too. Moreover the colors can also be changed or personalized according to individual school.